Message From The Principal



‘At University Park Primary School, we work collaboratively to ensure every individual learns to their full potential and is a respectful and responsible member of the school community.’




The school’s motto of ‘Learning Together - Achieving Success’ is reflected in its team approach to teaching and learning.  At our school, we deliver a holistic approach to education underpinned by high expectations taking into account the individual, academic, emotional and social needs of our students. We provide our students with the technological, social and academic requirements to become life-long learners and productive adults in the community.




The school culture is one of excellence, underpinned by the school values of collaboration, honesty, responsibility, respect and learning. The values and the rights and responsibilities that promote a safe and engaging learning community are evident in the everyday interactions between students, parents and staff. The welcoming learning environment awaits you as you walk in the front doors of our school.




As Principal, I am fortunate to work alongside a talented leadership team, a skilled teaching staff and a dedicated education support team to improve the learning growth and achievement of every student in literacy and numeracy with a particular focus on reading and writing. Our work is to continue to develop the school leadership, collaborative Professional Learning Teams (PLT’s), and the curriculum, instruction and assessment practices of every teacher.  A shared curriculum, instruction and assessment practices, together with instructional leadership and collaborative teacher practices, will continue to improve student learning outcomes over the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan.




Student leadership opportunities will remain a focus to improve the engagement of every student by building student voice and agency in their learning. When students take responsibility for their own learning and can evaluate their progress, then positive school experiences, and student engagement and growth in learning will result.




I welcome you to our school community and ask that you participate fully and contribute to our learning environment at every opportunity. Your parent involvement and partnership with the school will assist your child to excel.  Get to know our ways of working, introduce yourself to our staff, learn about our programs and policies, share your expertise and advocate for the school so that University Park PS can be the best we can be.




I look forward to continuing to develop strong relationships with the parent and student community in 2018. Please feel free to contact the school for any enquiries.




Kind regards,


Andrea Federico