Better Buddies

Better Buddies 2014

University Park PS is affiliated with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and their Better Buddies Framework.  As a result, our Prep students each have a Year 6 Buddy who works with them throughout their Foundation year. 

We begin introducing our Buddies to eachother whilst our potential Preps are still experiencing their final Kindergarten year.  We do so by visiting our local Kindergartens each term and involving our Buddies in our Prep Orientation Program in Term 4.  Kindergartens are also invited to visit our school environment at every opportunity. 

We value the relationships we have with our local Kindergartens and the Better Buddy Framework provides us with an effective anti-bullying approach that is well researched and evidence-based.  The early introduction of our Buddies also assists in addressing any anxiety that pre-school children may feel towards entering their Primary years of schooling.  In addition, the approach promotes resilience, self-confidence and positive social interaction throughout our student population.