‘eSmart Schools’ is a behaviour-change initiative designed to help schools improve cybersafety and reduce cyberbullying and bullying.  eSmart is an Alannah and Madeline Foundation Initiative, in collaboration with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD)

An eSmart school is a school where the smart, safe and responsible use of information and communications technology is a cultural norm. Students, teachers and the wider school community are equipped to embrace the best these technologies can offer, while being savvy about the pitfalls.

University Park Primary School began its eSmart journey in 2013. Currently, we are in the process of implementing and sustaining many eSmart initiatives, which complement our school Values and Vision


The initiatives are based around the 6 domains that appear in this framework wheel:


eSmart Domains Wheel

To find out more about a specific domain, please click on the links below:

Domain 1: Effective school organisation


Drop Box

Foundation Reflective Task

Grade 1/2 Reflective Task

Grade 3-6 Reflective Task

Domain 2: School plans, policies and procedure

Behaviour Record Sheet

"What happens if I break a Rule?"

ICT Agreement

'Name it' process

Domain 3: A respectful and caring school community

Better Buddies

Early Years Student Code of Conduct

Grades 3-6 Student Code of Conduct

Domain 4: Effective Teacher practices

Restorative Practices

Domain 5: An eSmart curriculum

ICT Scope and Sequence

Domain 6: Partnerships with parents and the local community


Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program 

Cyber Safety

Parent information events

Parent teacher interviews

School fete

Parent Volunteer Handbook