About the School



University Park Primary School is situated in the City of Brimbank, near Victoria University in St Albans. The school is located between an established residential area, and extensive new housing sites in the suburb of Cairnlea, 20 kilometres west of Melbourne. We provide a safe and supportive environment, and have done so since opening in 1972.


As a small school, we pride ourselves on being a school of excellence, where students can achieve their full potential in literacy and numeracy development as well as across a broad range of key learning areas. There is a whole school approach to the teaching of literacy and numeracy, supporting students in need, whilst also providing additional opportunities for more able students. We ensure that our teacher practice reflects the current research in order to provide the best learning outcomes for our students.


The school provides its students with the technological, social and academic requirements to become lifelong learners and productive adults in our community. The school’s motto of “Learning Together – Achieving Success” is reflected in its team approach to teaching and learning.Low class sizes is a feature of the school and the school offers a range of co and extra-curricula programs including school band, arts program, music programs, interschool sport, environmental program and an after school program.


University Park PS fosters partnerships with the learning community and our neighbouring organisations. These include Promethean and Lambourne consulting to provide IWB technology training, local pre-schools, network primary schools, local secondary colleges, teriary institutions and the Brimbank Council. The school is a Promethean School of Excellence, interactive whiteboard technology is a feature of the school and all classrooms are fully equipped with this technology leading to a stimulating learning environment for our students.


Our personalised approach is one that fosters close partnerships with our families who trust us in our relationships with their children. We welcome potential parents to visit the school at any time to allow us to show you the school in its entirety.



At University Park Primary School, we deliver a holistic approach to education underpinned by high expectations which considers the individual, academic, emotional and social needs of the students.